1 Cheap Easy Way to Remove Blood Stains

1 Cheap easy way to remove blood stainsThis might not be everyone’s favorite topic, but something that everyone, unfortunately, has to deal with from time to time. This winter has been so dry here in Utah. I got my 4 year olds new bedding, and of course as soon as I put it on their bed they both woke up in the middle of the night with bloody noses.

Blood is easier to clean when it’s fresh, but sometimes we just don’t clean it up right away. So, this is when it’s time to pull out the hydrogen peroxide. It’s really cheap, and will break down the enzymes in the blood and remove the blood.

It will remove blood from carpets, but you’ll need to be really careful with this, it could bleach the carpet a little. You might be able to add water to dilute it, and then really really dowse it with water once you’re done to get rid of all the peroxide. You’ll just have to determine how bad the stain is, compared to the fact that it might bleach the carpet a little.

You can use this for other stains too, because a lot of times our spray n’ wash just doesn’t cover it!

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