1 Simple Thing That Gets Rid of Dandelions and Weeds for Good

An easy way to get rid of weeds & dandelions

Dandelions are enough to make anyone crazy. With so many short sales, we know a lot of people that are moving into their houses with a year of neglect under their lawn. That means it hasn’t been fertilized, and the the weeds are making up a good portion of the lawn.

Well, there are lots of ways to manually get rid of the weeds, but we have found a product that works awesome! It’s called Bayer Advanced, it kills hundreds of types of weeds without hurting your grass. It’s in a blue bottle, and we just grab it whenever we go to Home Depot. We get lots of comments on our yard, and people wanting to know what to do to get theirs to look green and lush. Getting rid of the weeds is the best way to start.

It’s also really cheap, one bottle will do a smaller yard. If you have a bigger yard you will need two. Our lot is .4 acres, and it takes 2 bottles, just to give you an idea of how much you’d need.
I found some articles that give you a bunch of ideas for killing dandelions. I thought they were kind of funny. They suggest pouring boiling water over the weeds several times a day. I’d so much rather just hook that little blue bottle to my hose, and know that they’re being taken care of, and I don’t have to worry about them returning.

We have 4 little kids, and I know that they can go out to play without shoes, and they won’t step on any stickers, and it’ll just be soft. Hopefully you get a chance to use this, and your grass can look great this summer.

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