11 Of The Best Decorating Tips To Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

11 of the best decorating tips to look like you know what you're doing.1. Add gold touches. This will make your entire area feel more fancy and put together.

2. Buy a bigger bed. Buy a higher bed with a taller headboard. It’ll totally transform your master bedroom.

3. Wallpaper some accent walls. This adds so much character to your room. It’ll make you look like a decorating genius.

4. Use a “real” decorative rug in the bathroom. It’ll make your bathroom look so much more fancy.

5. It’s ok to opt for something other than a sofa in the living room. You can do some fun chairs.

6. Mix different decorating styles. It is ok to have all the things you like. It doesn’t have to be matchy matchy anymore.

7. Layer your lighting. You can have overhead lighting and lamps. Even a few lamps make it better.+

8. Tuck your throws into your couch. This way they can look nice even after the kids have watched a show.

9. Go for something other than a traditional cofee table. You can do something cozy like an ottoman.

10. Add plants to an empty corner. It really livens up a room to have something growing.

11. Leather is a great fabric! It’s durable, and cleans up well. I love it for our kitchen chairs.

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