11 Tips To Make Your Master Bedroom Romantic

4 Tips for hanging wallpaper perfectly1. Make your bed. Every single morning. It takes less than 2 minutes and defines the space as being “important”. Unmade beds = Unromantic.

2. Personalize your space. Add pictures, memorabilia, sentimental gifts, ANYTHING that reminds you of the love you and your spouse share.

3. Add more pillows. Have you ever walked into a 4 or 5-star hotel and seen two flat, pancake/frisbee-looking pillows? Flat pillows were for college dorm rooms, not a master suite.

4. Don’t let clutter gather in your bedroom. This includes junk on your nightstand and dresser, or piles next to your bed.

5. Add a little mood lighting. Try to avoid flipping on your ceiling light. Opt to use your bedside lamps, and occasionally candles.

6. Don’t do chores in your bedroom. No ironing, No piles, No folding clothes, NO PROJECTS.

7. Make your room smell wonderful. Pillow mists, candles, or fragrance plug-ins. Comfort, memories, and romance are linked to smells. Make your scent distinctive to your master bedroom (not the same scent as the rest of your home).

8. Make time for pillow talk. Pillow Talk: The sweet conversation you have with your spouse, no intimacy attached. Chatter about the kids, where you dream of taking your next vacation together, compliments towards each other, etc.

9. Go to bed together. Decide on a time, and stick to it. No matter what. Pillow talk, or other romantic things, aren’t going to happen if you don’t go to bed together.

10. Keep the TV off. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally snuggling up to a good movie and dozing off is wonderful, but don’t make it a nightly habit.

11. Occasionally, dig into the nightie drawer.  Invest in a few comfortable/sexy pj’s and wear them even when you aren’t “in the mood”.

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