12 Steps To Installing Your Own Ceiling Fan.

12 Steps To Installing Your Own Ceiling FanThese steps are how to install a generic standard ceiling fan. If you have a more decorative fan please consult your installation instructions included with the fan.

Step 1. Turn off the switch and breaker to the electrical box when you’re removing your existing fan or light fixture. If you don’t have an existing fixture with an electrical box please contact an electrician to have one installed.

Step 2. Inspect the existing electrical box to determine if a fan brace box will be needed to hang the ceiling fan from. Consult an electrician if needed.

Step 3. Set everything from the box on the floor, with the fan motor housing sitting on the floor, install the correct size of down rod to the top of the fan. Some ceiling fans will come supplied with a 2.5″ and a 6″ down rod, or just one of those sizes. If you need a longer down rod please purchase one.

To install the down rod first remove the ball that is attached to the rod by removing the screw located on the side. Slide the ball down the rod and remove the pin that is now exposed. Remove the ball from the down rod. Install the down rod to the top side of the fan. The down rod will either screw into place or slide into place. Use the supplied safety bolt to slide through the housing, through the down rod, and secure with the pin on the other side. Tighten all safety screws to the down rod.

Step 4. Slide Canopy on to the down rod and allow it to fall to the top of the fan housing.

Step 5. Re-install the ball by sliding it on to the down rod. Lower it slightly to reveal the holes at the top of the down rod. Install the pin that was removed previously and slide the ball back up the rod so that the pin seats inside the ball. Tighten the safety screw that holds the ball to the rod.

Step 6. At this point I like to remove the blades and blade arms and affix the blades to the blade arms using the supplied screws, this is for installation later.

Step 7. Install the hanging bracket on to the electrical box.

Step 8. Install the fan motor housing by setting the ball inside the cradle of the hanging bracket. Rotate the fan so that it seats properly in the groove.

Step 9. Wire the ceiling fan to the power. Ceiling fans will have several wires that extend from the fan motor. Consult the manual for proper wiring. Usually black is for the motor, blue is for a light kit if you have one, white is neutral, green is ground. If you plan on using pull chains on the ceiling fan to control the light kit and fan speeds you will combine the blue and black from the fan and connect to the power from the ceiling.

Step 10.  Once the fan is properly wired make sure all wires are pushed up inside of the electrical box. Then slide the canopy up the down rod and attach to the canopy with the screws provided.

Step 11. Install blades to the motor.

Step 12. Install light kit if you have one. Remove bottom hub assembly by removing the screws that hold it to the motor. Unclip the wiring harness. Once the hub is removed, remove the bottom hole plug. Feed the wiring from the light kit through the hole in the cap and screw the light kit to the hub. Once installed, wire the light kit to the available wires within the hub. Clip the wire harness back together. Slide hub back on to the motor housing and secure using the screws that were removed previously.

You might want to check with the instructions if yours has something like a remote or something that will make installation a little unique.

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