2 Simple Steps To Keep ALL Your Pictures Organized.

2 Simple steps to keep ALL your pictures organized. Even your cell phone pics.If you’re like me, trying to keep all your pictures together and organized can be quite a feat. We’ve got our camera, my phone, my husbands phone, my ipad, and his ipad. These all get pictures on them, and I want to save all these pictures. Our phones are becoming our number one way to take pictures, and I don’t have an SD card I can just pop into the computer with them.

This is what we’ve been doing for a while to keep everyone’s pictures together and organized. I’ve downloaded dropbox to all our mobile devices and computer. Then that way anytime a picture or video is taken it starts sending it to dropbox. It gives you a certain amount of storage for free, and you can pay if you want more.

From there I get on my computer and pull it from dropbox to a file on the computer.

Once I go into our pictures file, I have everything by year. Then when I open up each year I have 4 folders. I separate each year by quarters. So each year has the folder; quarter 1, quarter 2, quarter 3, and quarter 4.

So if I’m in a hurry, and want to pull up a picture from when a baby was born I don’t have to search for it. I used to have files from our phones, and files from certain trips, but now it’s all sorted by date, and it has taken a lot of stress out of storing so many pictures.

If you like to keep files of certain trips and things you can put that folder of trips into “quarter 2″, then that way they’re still together, but still just as easy to find.

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