20 Beginner Running Tips

20 beginner running tips

1. Buy a nice sports bra.

2. Don’t wear cotton socks, you’ll get blisters. Buy running socks.

3. Buy running shoes. You’ll avoid so many injuries.

4. Find a dedicated running partner.

5. Sign up for a race.

6. Don’t increase your mileage more than 10% each week.

7. Don’t stretch before a run, just warm up. Stretch afterwards.

8. Don’t expect each run to get easier. You will have harder days and better days.

9. Drink water and electrolytes throughout the day.

10. Put Vaseline or bodyglide wherever things rub. This will help avoid blisters.

11. Run with traffic, not against it.

12. Start slow, then when you’re nearing the end, taper your run.

13. If you’re breathing too hard, then slow down and walk. There’s no shame in walking.

14. Lift weights.

15. Find an online training plan for your first race and stick to it.

16. Your training plan should include, endurance, cross-training, rest and speed.

17. Practice running harder in the last half of your run.

18. Mix up your route and your training. You don’t want to get bored and it will help you become a better athlete.

19. Be realistic with the goals you set, and forgive yourself if you don’t reach them.

20. Run when you first wake up. Everything will fill up your day and you might not find time later.

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