4 Things To Do When OTC Allergy Medications Don’t Work.

4 things to do when allergy medicines don't work1. Saline irrigation- This is where you use a saltwater is a natural option that can help clear out pollen and other irritants in the nose  This isn’t the most fun thing to do, but when you can’t breathe out of your nose, and this helps get the gunk out so you can breathe, it’s SO worth it!

2. Air Purifier- This helps most people, but for some people with severe allergies, it might only take the edge off. With air purifiers you definitely get what you pay for. The more expensive brands do better.

3. Prescription nasal spray. Obviously you’ll need to see a Dr. for a prescription. There are a few different types. They really help too. My husband and kids are “allergic to the world” as their Doctor put it. Most of the nasal sprays do take a few weeks to start working, but they really help.

4. Allergy Immuno-therapy (allergy shots/drops). These are the big guns, but so worth it! These do work, I don’t know if they’re “proven”. But they have worked for us, and so many people we know. Allergy shots/drops help your symptoms, especially when you’ve tried everything else and you’re still having problems. These shots involve being regularly injected with a small amount of the substance you’re allergic to. The idea is to stimulate your immune system and help your body become desensitized to the allergens, according to the Mayo Clinic. The drops are the same idea, you just do a few drops every day under your tongue.

The hope is that you’ll build up a tolerance and your allergic reactions won’t be so severe. At our office they say it can take up to a year before you see improvements, but most people start seeing results after 6 month.

We see an allergy specialist at our ENT’s office, and that’s how we got set up with our drops. They’re expensive, but so worth it.

We have been doing the drops here in our family, and after a lot of learning and experience I have come to love these drops. They have completely helped my son. His allergies were so bad that he was always completely stuffy, then when he’d sleep he wasn’t getting enough Oxygen, from there he was tired and cranky all the time. He felt miserable, and was acting that way too. He is now sleeping better, doing better in school and socially. It has improved our relationship and he doesn’t mind the drops at all!


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