5 DIY Projects For The Summer

stone walkway in  gardenDifferent projects are better for certain seasons. Here are a few that are perfect for the summer, when it’s warm and dry.

1. Paint your garage. This is a good way to give your garage the feel that it’s part of your house, and it’s a place to keep nice. A lot of times when it’s just taped it feels unfinished, and it’s a lot easier to junk it up. And if you want to give it a final touch. Using an epoxy kit for the garage floor makes it really nice!

2. Make garden boxes. Having your garden boxes made before the springtime comes around really helps get the ball rolling for planting our gardens on time. The weather in the spring is so unpredictable, that if you wait for a nice Saturday to put them together, you might be waiting so long that it throws off when you start your garden.

3. Make a paver pathway through your bigger flower beds. It’s so nice to have a place to stand while working in your flower beds, and also if you have a garden area that stands in the way of the sidewalk and your front porch. People can use the pavers to cut across without ruining your garden or getting muddy.

4. Add curbing to separate your grass from your flower beds. This gives your yard such a clean finished look, but it’s hard to do cement any time other than the summer. Curbing is like painting to me, it’s one of the cheapest ways to make a huge difference!

5. Paint your garage doors. There are so many cool ways to paint your garage doors. You can make it look like wood, or just a better color to match your house, or just give it a clean new look. You can get online, or go to home depot and get a carriage garage door kit, and within a few minutes your garage looks updated.

We always focus on the inside of the house when it’s cold outside, and the outside when it’s warm. It’s been 100 degrees lately, so we’re redecorating our bedroom right now. Hopefully you are inspired to do something to do a fun project around your home.


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