5 DIY Study Areas For Kids

5 DIY Study areas for kids

When I hear that bus pull up, I know school’s over and homework begins. This always gives me a wave of anxiety. There can be so many distractions that homework can take the whole afternoon. We’ve tried a bunch of different options, and have found some that work, and some that don’t.

If you have a child that struggles with getting distracted easily, you know what I’m talking about!

1.  A desk, and personal study area in their room. This is probably the most ideal if you have a lot of children, because each kid can have their own personal space at the ends of their beds. You can personalize the space with a shelf, and that will make it special for them.

2. Set up a designated study area in your office. At our house the office is a place to work, and if the kids are in here it’s quiet. This would be a great place for a kid to come and do their homework. Especially if you work at home, and you can be there to help them with what they need. It would be so cute to refinish an old school desk and put it in the office.

3. Right at the kitchen table. This is where we usually end up doing homework. I can get some things done while there to help. There are still distractions, but at least we can do a snack and homework at the same time. This isn’t a “cute” idea, but cardboard privacy partitions might be good if you have a bunch of kids trying to get their work done quickly.

4. A little desk in the laundry room. I know everybody doesn’t have the same house, kids, and problems. But we have a little folding/sewing desk by our washer and dryer. And this is right off of the kitchen. It has been the perfect blend of quiet, close to me for help, and no other toys to play with. We went and picked out some things that he said he wanted in an office. He loves saying “my office”.

2012-09-06 14.59.16

5. A desk in a walk-in closet. This has all the same positives of the laundry room, it just depends what you have available, or what you can make available to you in your home, and make it functional. You can use the shelves that are already in there, or customize one so that you can use it as a desk now, and as a shelf later.

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