5 Easy Ways To Get Your Garage Organized, And Keep It That Way

5 Easy ways to organize your garage, and keep it that way1. Put your seasonal bins up behind the garage door. We built big shelves that are above the garage door. You can only see them when the garage is closed and you are in the garage, which is almost never. And no one else can see them when the garage door is up either. This has been one of my favorite organizational thing we’ve done. (I haven’t climbed up and organized it yet though)


2. Create a designated area for everything. If you have a lot of sporting stuff, have a place to put all the balls, and a place to hang the rackets. If everything has a home, then you won’t just set things around, because that’s not where it goes.

3. Use vertical space. You can hang bikes and strollers on hooks from the ceiling or walls. There are so many garage organizational things out there. There are Rubbermaid tracks that you can put on the wall, and there are attachments for everything, they are typically for tools like the weed eater, or rakes and shovels, but you can really put anything on them. There are even shelves you can put on the ceiling, and hang bins from.


4. Throw away stuff you don’t use, and put a garbage can in the garage. A lot of times if your garage is messy, you have stuff that you don’t even know you have, and could’ve easily replaced it by now. Throw things away you don’t use, and put a garbage in the garage. This will help alleviate any garbage from staying in the garage, and the car too.

5. Dispose of Paint. Once it begins to warm up, it is important to dispose of any oil and acrylic  paint cans you have lying in the garage, it’s not healthy to breathe, and it can release potentially harmful chemicals into the air.

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