5 Hot Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

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There are enough hot trends in kitchen cabinets these days that you’re bound to find at least one that fits your needs and wants.

1. Lights Colors. It’s called everything from ivory to eggshell. Using white or off-white for your kitchen cabinets produces a light, clean look, and whether you opt for corn silk or old lace, white shades are versatile and have lasting appeal. If your kitchen is modern, traditional or country style, white kitchen cabinets have the right stuff to make it stand up and stand out.

2. Custom. Many people are finding that they can really open up a space by reducing the clutter with customized kitchen cabinets and drawers. It could be a pullout door affixed to a shelf for pots and pans or a rack for cans and dry goods. Customized inserts for your kitchen cabinets can hold plates, spoons and silverware with equal finesse.

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