5 Steps To A Built-In Sand Box

5 Steps to a built-in sand boxWe have an area on the side of our deck that we’ve had a hard time deciding what to do with. It was just a large flower bed, and we decided to put a sand box right there. I would’ve loved to have it clear across the yard, but I know that they’d only play in it if it were close to the house. So, we did it.

It was a quick project, but our kids are always in there playing now.

1. The first thing to do is decide what area you want designated for the sand box. Then dig down a few inches, we have a cement pad, and curbing on 3 sides of the sand box, so from the cement we just dug down a few inches, and cleaned up the sides of the area.

2. From here we put 2×6 boards along the sides to create an actual box, and put little brackets to hold the boards together.

3. Then really clean up the bottom of the sand box. Rake up any rocks, and debris. From Here we put down that landscaping fabric, and attached with the little staples that look like stakes.

4. It looks really clean now, instead of jumping the gun and adding sand like we did, you’ll want to sand the wood a little, and stain it. This will protect the wood, and look nicer.

5. Now add the sand and toys!

I hate all the sand, but with all the kids home for the summer, and every other neighbor kid at our house, I love having them outside playing, rather than in the house whining.

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