5 Ways To Decorate Your Fall Tablescape

5 Ways To Decorate Your Fall Tablescape

The fall is the most fun time to decorate, I think. There are so many natural things that we can use. We have spent so much time working on our yard this summer, that the cold weather has really forced us inside early, and I’m realizing it’s been neglected, and time to start working on the inside of the house.

1. You’ll want to start with some type of fabric, or texture to put on the table. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a table cloth, or a runner. There are so many other things that can be used to. I’ve seen and used small throws, a square piece of fabric, cotton or batting (as snow),  cheese cloth etc. There are so many things to use.

2. You’ll want to use something as a centerpiece. This is where you get to be creative. You can use an odd number of decorations, and make a cluster. You can use one statement piece, or display what you already have on hand.

3. Use what is in season. There are so many things in the fall. My favorites are gourds, pumpkins, fresh fruits or nuts. You can use leaves or vines that are available too.

4. I love the look of having your decorations be in some type of container. You can use trays, platters, vases, a votive, or anything else you have on hand. I love the colors they used in this picture, even though it’s the fall, you don’t have to use traditional fall colors.

tur. centerpiece

5. Use Easels, this is a good way to display something that might not traditionally go on a table, but it looks really stunning to see a big wreath or picture displayed on your table like that. Make sure the things you display are varying in height.

Tutorial for the table runner.

I have loved working with burlap lately, and stenciling it is so fun! With my runner, I found a piece of burlap that was already the thickness that I wanted, but a little too long. So, you can either find a piece like this, or just get some from a bolt, and use that. You cut it to the size that you need, and once it’s cut to size, you just apply “liquid stitch” to the raw edges. Any type of clear glue will work just fine.


Then from here you measure where you want your stencil to go, and tape it on. I just used black acrylic paint, and a foam brush to push the paint onto the burlap.


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