6 Do’s And Don’ts With Wood Floors.

empty grunge interiorMany people choose hardwood floors because it is easy to maintain and keeps looking great. Here are a few things that you need to remember when you are dealing  with hardwood.

1. Wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Although you will not have an instant stain when you spill on hardwood floor like you do with  carpet, it could easily turn into a stain if left there. Once stains have a chance to set into the hardwood you may have to refinish the floor in order to get the stain out.

2. Sweep your floor everyday or as needed. It is important to sweep so the dirt doesn’t scratch the wood. This will vary from house to house of course. If you  have a high traffic home, you may need to sweep a few times a day.

3. Use a hardwood cleaner to keep your floor looking its best. Hardwood floor cleaners are available at any home improvement. They are quite easy to use, and with a little  preventative maintenance, you will thank yourself in the future. Simply spray  the cleaner on and use a cloth or hardwood broom to buff the floor gently.

4. Never use water and soap when cleaning your hardwood. Hardwood is not like linoleum or even laminate flooring and you cannot use a  bucket of sudsy, soapy water to clean it. In fact, you can damage your floor if  you try to mop it in a  traditional style. Because wood is susceptible to water  damage, you want to minimize the contact that your floor has with water. Water  will seep into the cracks of the boards and can easily cause swelling, discoloration and deformation of the boards.

5. Protect your floor from furniture scratches and gouges. It’s a very good idea to place felt on the bottom of all of your furniture in  order to protect it from scratches. This is particularly important for furniture  pieces that move a great deal such as your kitchen chairs. But it is a good idea  to protect all pieces equally. You can purchase felt at the local hardware store.

6. Polish your floor regularly. If you have a hardwood floor with a wax finish, you may want to wax it on a regular basis to keep it looking shiny and new. The waxing process will also will also help buff any scratches  out of your floor as well. Every wax product is different so it is important to  read the directions carefully and also consult the manufactures guidelines of  your flooring before applying any wax product.

With a little bit of preventative maintenance and some common sense, you will  be able to keep your hardwood floor looking fabulous for many years. There are  only a few simple steps and rules to follow when dealing with hardwood flooring  because it is actually one of the easiest flooring types to care for.

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