6 New Ways To Decorate With Lace

6 New ways to decorate with lace.Lace adds so much elegance to your home décor. It’s cheap and fun to use. You will find yourself wanting to add it where ever you can because it makes everything look more expensive.

1. Add lace to a cork board, and make it cute and functional.

2. Add lace to your lamp shades and throw pillows.

3. Decorate your babies room with lace. I think this is so cute that I’m tempted to have another just to decorate “her” room with lace!

4. Lace wallpaper. This is such a cool wallpaper. It was inspired by scraps of fabric from his grandmother.

($99 per roll; louisebody.com; CL DEAL e-mail jonny@louisebody.com for a 20% discount)

5. Lace fabric on a  bench. This would look so cute at the foot of your bed, or in an entryway. I love this! I can see this in our closet.

6. Wrap a vase or cover a plate in lace. The vase would go well if it was in the same room or the room next to your plate covered in lace. This is a great way to preserve a piece of handmade lace that you have laying around, and don’t know what to do with.

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