6 Tips For Decorating With Different Patterns.

6 Great tips for decorating with different patterns. Patterns and stripes are so popular, this will help you decorate better with them.1. Start with one color. The easiest way to mix patterns is to stick to one color plus white. So if you have a navy and white patterned rug, it would be cute to add a navy and white striped throw on your couch.

2. Vary the size of the patterns. Mix and match small and large patterns. If you have a picture that has large bold prints, you might find a runner that has complimentary colors, but small thin smaller stripes.

3. Start with accessories. As you get more comfortable you can add an accent chair, or stencil your walls. There style right now is mixing patterns, and the more you do it, the more aware you’ll get of what looks good.

4. Use shade and tints. There’s no need to worry about matching when using various shades of a single color. Grays are totally in right now, they have kind of taken over the neutrals and tans. So, feel free to use different shades of gray. And add splashes of color to make it look more interesting too.

5. Use Coordinating Colors. An easy way to ensure your patterns will mix is to choose coordinating colors. Red and green are complementary colors because they are directly across from each other on the color wheel, but moving down one tint to pink adds a fun twist to this color palette. Yellow and green mix nicely because they share a common hue. Mixing solids and patterns in pink, green, and yellow creates a pleasing color scheme.

6. Anchor the Color Scheme. Start with one pattern and pull all the room’s accent colors from it. You will want to use your biggest piece as your anchor. That could be a rug, drapes, or an accent chair.

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