6 Ways Decorate Your Home When You’re Not Creative

6 Ways to decorate your home when you're not creativeThere are so many ways you can decorate your home, even if you don’t have the money that you hoped for when decorating. Here are a few tried and true tips to help you get your home the way you want it, without breaking the bank!

1. Make a plan for each room. Without a home decorating plan, we are much more likely to make impulse purchases. It is very hard for the average home decorator to envision their room when standing in the pillow and throw aisle. Will that  pattern go with you couch? Did you forget about the pattern in the curtains?  Make a plan and carry it with you when you make your home décor purchases.

2. Tackle the largest areas first. That may sound like spending big money up  front, but that’s not necessarily true. If you tackle the larger areas such as the walls and windows, you make a larger impact on the whole room. Paint and  fabric can be very affordable. Once you have those large areas finished, it makes it much easier to make choices to bring the same theme to the other rooms.

3. Learn a cool faux paint finish. While faux finishes can be overdone, finding  just one that coordinates with the style of your room can take it from dull to exciting with very little money. Choose one focal area to concentrate on to  prevent overdoing the faux finish. A focal wall, a piece of key furniture, are a great choice.

4. Hide and disguise. If that couch or bed is ugly, but is still in good shape, save yourself hundreds of dollars by hiding and disguising. Paint, fabric slipcovers, or rugs and throws can cover all kids of décor disasters. Before you run out to replace it, try to think of how you can repurpose it.

5. Find decorating supplies in unusual and inexpensive places. Secondhand stores, thrift stores and garage sales some of my favorite places to find a great bargain. Tablecloths and cloth napkins make great window treatments, pretty clothing can be stitched into pillows.

  • Check out Ebay! eBay stores have several outlet shops that can save you big  money on brand name slipcovers, rugs and even antiques! With a little bit of  time you can search out the right accessory and save a lot of money in the  process.

6. Create wall décor out of things you already own. Ideas for things to hang?

  • Empty frames from yard sales
  • Blocks of wood, as candle wall sconces
  • Family Pictures, both old and new, hang in black dollar shop frames (you can spray paint them too)
  • Seed  packets
  • Old tools or sports  equipment
  • Use vinyl or stencils, and put a saying or pattern on your wall, or in a frame.
  • Paint your last name or monogram on an old piece of wood
  • Plates
  • Frame fabric from your scrap bag. (You can even put a corkboard behind it, and display pictures0

So no matter how tightly you need to hold onto your family budget these days, use these ideas to save on home décor.

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