7 Easy Ideas To Keep Kids Rooms Organized & Clean

7 Ways to keep your kids rooms organized & clean. Even if you're not an organized person.Is organizing toys a big problem in your household? Here are some  handy tips for easy cleanup for your little ones. The more you can keep things off the floor, the less cluttered a room looks and the easier it is to clean. The trick to getting kids to stay organized is to make it easy and fun.

1. General Cleanup Rules. Establish a morning pickup routine that  might include making beds, hanging up towels in the bathroom and putting away pajamas. The evening pickup routine might include putting away toys and tossing dirty clothes in the hamper. Depending on their ages, children can also be  expected to do some weekly cleaning of their bedrooms, which might include dusting or vacuuming.

2. Shoe bag storage. A hanging shoe bag on the back of a door can be used to  store small toys. Hang it low enough for children to easily reach into pockets to put away and retrieve their favorite toys. Store any collectibles and breakables out of reach in the upper pockets.

3. Animal corrals. Gather stuffed animals in a nylon hammock hung up in one corner of the room. You can even hang a length of colored string or ribbon horizontally between two hooks at either end a bare wall. Use clothespins to clip beanbag toys and small stuffed animals to the string. Note: You can use  this same method to display their artwork.

4. Use shelves not boxes. Store toys and games on shelves with bins, rather  than in one giant toy box. Finding what you want in a toy box generally makes a  mess.

5. Install wall pegs. Install wall pegs at kids’ height for hanging book bags, pajamas and bathrobes, jackets and clothes that they wear frequently.

6. Install reachable clothes rods. In the kids’ closets, use higher rods for storing dressy and out-of-season clothes. Hang a second, lower rod to encourage  them to hang up their everyday clothes. Home-supply stores sell rods that hang  from an upper rod, as well as tension-mounted rods that can be fitted in the closet at any height.

7. Put a “Donate” box in your kids’ rooms.  If your kids can’t be bothered to  put toys away you can give them a choice. They can put it in the donation box,  or you will do it for them.

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