7 Mistakes That Are Stopping Or Slowing Down Your Weight Loss.

7 Mistakes that are stopping or slowing down your weight loss.1. Eat little to no breakfast at all. Eating a breakfast that’s high in protein will curb your appetite later in the afternoon too.

2. Doing cardio only, and skipping out on the weights. Each pound of muscle that you gain from lifting weights will burn about 35-50 extra calories per day. So it really helps to add muscle to your workout.

3. Only use light weights. Don’t worry, if you’re a woman and you lift heavy weights you will not get bulky. Using heavier weights for fewer reps can burn more calories than using lighter weights for more reps.

4. Working out on an empty stomach. If you think you’re keeping your calorie count down by avoiding eating before your workout, then you’re wrong. Women who eat a high-protein meal before exercising for 30 minutes boosted their calorie burn more than the ones who didn’t eat.

5. Working out, or dieting alone. People who join a weight-loss group are more successful than people going at it alone. If  you don’t like big groups, then team up with family members or friends.

6. Stressing about the scale.  If you’re adding protein and weights to your workout, you might not see the scale drop dramatically. You will be losing fat, and building muscle. It might be a good idea to get your body fat percentage checked, instead of only using the number on the scale.

7. Drinking diet soda. People that drink regular soda versus diet, end up eating the same number of calories by the end of the day anyway. It increases your cravings for sugar.


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