7 Most Popular DIY Faux Wall Finishes


Most faux painting projects are simple enough for a beginner. They can add such an elegant look, that painting alone doesn’t do. There are a number of places to get information on how to do faux painting. Home depot and Lowes offer classes and flyers that teach you how. Then there’s of course youtube, and the internet if you want to learn how to do these finishes. These are a few of the finishes I like.

1. Marbleizing. Marble is so neat looking, this is an elegant way to make your home look classier. You can also dot this finish an old dresser, or piece of furniture you’re doing yourself. If you do this to the top it will look like a marble topped dresser.

2. “Trick the eye” in French, is a painting technique used in murals that looks real, and can be used to create architectural details. This can be used to paint something on the wall such as a window that’s really not there. I’ve seen people paint bricks or rocks on their walls and sidewalks. Brick on the inside of the house looks so good, and this is a really cheap and easy way to get that look.

3. Venetian plaster. This is one of the most popular and traditional plaster decorations. It has a smooth finish and will fit into any design theme.

4. Color wash. It’s a finish that creates a variation of color using several hues of glaze mixed together with a paint brush.

5. Suede Technique. This is a little more advanced, it has a few steps. This type of finish looks really good in an office or dining room.

6. Rag painting or ragging. This is a glazing technique using rags to create a textural pattern. You just use the texture that is already on the wall, and it just sticks in the grooves. This look is good in any room in your  home.

7. Combing. This is when you paint the wall with a base coat, then let it dry before applying a top coat. After the top coat is applied you will take a rubber brush and comb down the walls to form a pattern. This technique looks especially good in a room that has a chair rail. I like to take the comb and make the lines a little wiggly. It gives the look of being handed painted.

There are a lot of cool ways to paint your walls. These are my favorites. I like any project that is fast, and inexpensive. This is one of those!

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