7 Things That Make Your Hair Look Thicker

7 things that make hair thickerI don’t have that thick of hair, and when people feel my hair they are always surprised that it’s thinner than they expected. So these are some things that I do, and that work.

1. Add a root boost, or gel, or mousse before you blow dry. This is the first step you should take. This is getting thick hair from the foundation. You apply the product to your roots. That is where you get the lift from. You don’t want to add it to the mid-shaft or ends, because that won’t add any lift, and it will weigh your hair down.

2. Blow dry your hair upside down. When you do this, brush your hair at the roots so that it’s drying the exact opposite way that it’s going to lay. Blow drying it with your face facing the ground is good with medium length and short hair too. Then brush it towards your face. This really helps!

3. Tease your hair at the crown. Pull your hair straight up, then use your comb or brush and rat your hair, until there is a little nest. Then take another section and do it. Then use a brush to smooth out the top layer of hair, so you can’t see that mess under there. If you have fine hair, then spray where you’ve ratted so it doesn’t fall out.

4. Add just a few extensions. You can add a row of extensions just above your nape, around to the top of your ears. It’s a lot cheaper to do one row, than the whole head.

5. Add curl. Big beachy waves are in style, and they add a lot of fullness and volume. I prefer to use a curling wand, they are easy to use, and it makes the curling go quickly. The biggest tip I have for this is CURL AWAY FROM YOUR FACE! You’ll look like little house on the prairie if you curl your hair towards your face.

6.Velcro rollers. You can pull up a section of hair, spray the roots with hair spray, and put in some rollers for a few minutes. This is especially good for the days that you haven’t washed your hair, or when you’ve exercised and need to quickly add a boost to your style.

7. Texturize at the roots. When you go get your hair cut, have your stylist texturize your hair at the roots.  This will make it so you have little pieces of hair sticking up, and when you blow dry your hair they’ll stick up lifting all of the other hair too. Also, having those different lengths of hair in there really

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