7 Tips For Making Your Front Yard Landscaping Pop

7 Things to make your front landscaping pop1. Have a focal point. You have a beautiful home. Use your landscaping to draw the eye to your front door, or just to frame and accentuate your home. Not to cover it.

2. Plan your landscaping with a 12-15 year plan in mind. They are permanent fixtures in your home. Plant your trees far enough away from your house that the roots and leaves won’t crowd your home

3. Keep your mulch fresh, and thick. There are a lot of mulch options. If you live in a windy area, the rubber bark is really great! The color is also guaranteed for 12 years. Once you get it in, you might just need a few touch up bags every couple of years.

4. Have a good mix of perennials, and annuals. It’s good to have both because you can have the fullness, and green from all the long term shrubs, and you can have all the color and brightness from the annuals. Don’t underestimate the power of green grass. It gives such a rich look to your home.

5. Match your landscaping to your surroundings. If you are in the desert then keeping with that theme looks great, and it’s so much easier to keep everything alive. If you are in a place with a lot of natural greenery, then match that.

6. Keep your shrubs manicured. Buy plants that fit into what you’re willing to do. I love climbing flowering vines (clematis). I know that I can buy a wrought iron stand, and it will grow on that, and I don’t need to worry about trimming it down each year. Along our walkway I like the plants to be a little thicker, and do have to trim those a few times a year. So plant things with YOU in mind.

7. Keep the flower beds and the grass separate. You don’t want everything growing into each other. That gives it a really messy look.

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