7 Ways To Having An Organized Kitchen

7 Ways To Having An Organized KitchenThe kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house and with that, it can also be prone to clutter. It’s such a natural hang out spot, that “stuff” just ends up there, even when it doesn’t belong. It’s ok to take charge of your kitchen, and make it the way you want it.

1. Get rid of what you’re not using. When we moved into our third house, I realized I was keeping a few wedding gifts that I knew I’d absolutely never use. I decided to give them to someone who would actually appreciate and use them. If you haven’t used it in over a year, get rid of it.

2. Store your pans, and trays vertically. You can add dowels or Masonite to create separate compartments. This is a good way to use all the space in a cupboard instead of just the bottom parts of each cupboard. You don’t need 30 cookie sheets. Pick out the few that you do use, and get rid of the rest.

2. Set specific areas or zones in your kitchen. Like, food preparation, an area for storage, a part of the  kitchen for dining and another part for the cleaning up. By setting these work zones, you will also be guided on where to store everything. Everything needs to have a place.

3. Put those frequently used items in accessible places. For example, spatulas should be by the stove, and glasses should be by the sink. Putting them in easily accessible places create a kitchen of ease and order. When you have to dig and look for something, you end up creating clutter in your kitchen.

4. Invest on more storage. Storing everything in cabinets and drawers is one good way to keep your kitchen clean. It’s so much harder to clean a kitchen that has a lot of stuff on the counter tops. Plus, it doesn’t even look that clean when it is. Having the appropriate things in canisters, and stackable storage containers makes your area look and feel so much more clean.

5. Group and label. Group things in the kitchen. Group canned goods separate from boxes and spices. Label the shelves in the pantry, or in the cupboards. You might know where things go, but your spouse or mom probably doesn’t.

6. Use the back of the closet doors for added storage space. You can put small wooden shelves at the back of the closet doors for spices and other small things you need to store.

7. Create a storage area for hard to store items in the kitchen. Designate some cabinet space to storing some of your appliances. If it’s an appliance that you don’t use a lot, then store it. You can create a shelf in the garage of rarely used appliances, or you can put them behind things in cupboards, so it’s out of the way, but you can get it when you need it. If you are storing something you almost never use, then just get rid of it!

I hate having clutter, and maybe I get rid of too much. But I can’t even think of a time when I’ve gotten rid of something and regretted it. Let’s hope I pass this trait down to my children. 🙂

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