8 Exercises To Form Your Runners Body

8 exercises to form your runners body

1. Planks. There are a lot of variations of these. Just make sure you’re working your internal and external. Your core muscles are what keep your form in line when running, and you’ll be able to run much further with a  strong core.

2. Squat Thrust Climbers.
1. Stand with your feet close together and your arms at your sides.
2. Squat down to the floor with your knees close together, placing your hands flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart.
3. Keeping your abs tight, jump your legs back to assume the push-up position.
4. For 5 seconds, “run” your legs under your chest, bringing your knees high and keeping your hips low. Then jump your legs back to the squat position, stand, and repeat.

3. Calf raises. Stand with the ball of your foot on the corner of a stair. You might need to balance yourself with your hand on the wall. Once you get stronger, you can hold a dumbbell in your hand, and add resistance.

4. Backward heel walking. This improves balance and shin strength. You will walk backward on your heels with toes pointed straight. Keep the legs relatively straight and take fairly small steps. Maintain coordinated movement and erect posture; keep the ankles dorsiflexed as much as possible.

 5. Pistol squats. If these are too hard, then start with regular squats. You’ll be sore regardless!

6. Walking lunges.

7. Side-Walking With Strength Band

8. Single leg hopping in place. This will help with your explosiveness when you run. You will want to hop in a z-pattern, and back and forth. This will really strengthen those small hip flexor muscles.

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