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The 5 easiest diets

The 5 Easiest Diets

These are some of the easiest diets so stick do. Most of them focus on healthy eating habits for life, rather than something drastic that is hard to sustain for longer than a few days/weeks. 1. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH). The DASH diet is a lifelong approach to …

5 Top tips for healthy fast weight loss

5 Top Tips For Healthy Fast Weight Loss

Slimming down, and keeping it off requires dedication and a strong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Most diets are ultra-low calorie diets which achieve fast results, at least for a while. The human body has the amazing ability to lose two to five pounds of weight without entering starvation …

This is interesting, it helps you know why you are the way you are, and how you can adapt with your body type.

Which Body Type Are You?

1. Android Type. The Android body shape usually has more broad shoulders and strong muscular limbs. The core is fairly straight, without much of a waist. This type usually has narrow hips. Android types have an anabolic metabolism, which means they will gain weight in the upper part of their …