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10 Inexpensive decorating ideas

10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

1. Lighting can make or break a room. Invest in lower-wattage bulbs to change a room’s mood from restful to romantic. 2. Decorate with what you have. Go through your home, and mix things up. If something you like has been hiding in a place that doesn’t get seen much, …

5 Hot trends for kitchen cabinets

5 Hot Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

There are enough hot trends in kitchen cabinets these days that you’re bound to find at least one that fits your needs and wants. 1. Lights Colors. It’s called everything from ivory to eggshell. Using white or off-white for your kitchen cabinets produces a light, clean look, and whether you …

9 Ways to do an awesome gallery wall

9 Ways To Do An Awesome Gallery Wall

1. Mix photos, art, and other trinkets for an eclectic eye-catcher. 2. Pick a color scheme that ties all of the frames together. 3. Skip frames and create a gallery wall around a theme. 4. Add your children’s framed art work for some filler pictures. 5. Save time and space by layering …

4 Tips for hanging wallpaper perfectly

11 Tips To Make Your Master Bedroom Romantic

1. Make your bed. Every single morning. It takes less than 2 minutes and defines the space as being “important”. Unmade beds = Unromantic. 2. Personalize your space. Add pictures, memorabilia, sentimental gifts, ANYTHING that reminds you of the love you and your spouse share. 3. Add more pillows. Have …

6 New ways to decorate with lace.

6 New Ways To Decorate With Lace

Lace adds so much elegance to your home décor. It’s cheap and fun to use. You will find yourself wanting to add it where ever you can because it makes everything look more expensive. 1. Add lace to a cork board, and make it cute and functional. 2. Add lace to your …