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The 7 biggest decorating trends of 2014

7 Home Decor Trends For 2014

1. Global designs. Using prints that are inspired by other countries has gotten very popular. You can incorporate these patterns anywhere in your home. 2. Antique Brass. We’re all still a little sick of the 90’s shiny brass, but the warmth that antiqued brass adds is so fun. You can …

9 Home decor ideas for under $100

9 Home Decor Ideas For Under $100

A lot of times we just have naptime, or a few hours to work on a room. So here are some fun ideas that are inexpensive too. 1. Copycat Décor. When you’re flipping through magazines, cut  out pictures of your favorite rooms and then duplicate the look for less! Garage sales, …

5 Fun Ways To Decorate With Lamps

5 Fun Ways To Decorate With Lamps

1. If you’ve had your lamp for a while, and the lampshade is a little boring, and dusty, you can just cover the shade you already have. There are a lot of fun fabrics you can use to wrap your shade with. 2. You can add vinyl lettering to your plain lamp. There are French …