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4 Plants that grow well in the shade

4 Plants That Grow Well In The Shade

Do you want to add some plants to your garden but not sure which ones will  grow best in the shade? Here we have put together a list of 4 different plants  that will grow well, even without much sunlight! 1. False Solomon’s Seal. It’s a native of  North America, …

These are all non-plant ways to add to, and improve your landscaping. Some really fun ideas.

7 Things To Improve Your Landscaping

When most people think of landscaping, they think of plants and gardens.  However, landscaping often incorporates hardscapes which is comprised of  non-living components. Hardscapes normally include structures made of concrete,  brick, stone, or wood, but can also incorporate items like sundials or any other  non-living element of your landscape. Adding …

5 Great types of decorative mulch

5 Great Types of Decorative Mulch

The definition of mulch is anything that goes on top of soil. Different mulches have different functions and uses. Some of the reasons are;  water preservation (moisture retention), heat trapping, to create pathways, weed prevention and control, protecting roots from fluctuating and extreme temperatures, and, to help control soil erosion. Here are some …

10 Flowering shrubs that are easy to grow.

10 Easiest To Grow, Flowering Shrubs

Butterfly Bush (Zone 5 – 9 ) is a fast grower with droopy, graceful panticles of pink, yellow, white, or purple flowers that bloom in summer. 5 – 10′ tall, drought and heat tolerant. Plant in full sun. Prune hard in late winter as flowers emerge from new growth. Attracts …