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Sweet Potato Pie Pancakes

Pancakes- From Fattening to Slimming!   If you’re anything like me, or my family, you could eat pancakes daily. We do! I have a whole wheat recipe that I like, but this recipe tastes SO much better, and are even lower in calories. With this recipe I just throw everything …


Easiest Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

I have been making whole wheat bread since I was in 5th grade.  I feel like it’s part of my identity.  I am only as good as my latest batch of whole wheat bread. I have a lot of recipes. I also have a lot of tips. This recipe is the …


Whole Wheat Bread (from a starter)

I’ve been making bread since I was in 5th grade, I’m now 33.  So for the last 23 years I’ve been trying to achieve the perfect loaf of wheat bread. I’ve always used regular yeast up until about 3 months ago. Then I switched to instant.  It’s definitely easier.  But …