How To Cut & Paint Burlap

How to cut & paint burlap. This was a fun project, I'll definitely be painting more burlap soon!

There are a lot of cute things to do with burlap, but finding the right burlap that is already cut and painted is really expensive. But buying burlap from bolts is really cheap. I got 2 yards for just over $5.

When you have your burlap, and you’ve decided where you want to cut, you simply pull on thread from that spot. You’ll be able to pull it until it comes completely out. From there you’ll have a perfect straight line to cut without any fraying. You can use fray check too if you’re leaving the edge raw.


Burlap is a little hard to work with when you’re painting. Because the stitches are so loose it’s easy to pull to hard and have tension be uneven in different parts.

1. The first thing you want to do is make sure that it’s cut straight, so use the little trick from above on all 4 sides.

2. Tape it all the edges down, you’ll want to pull it slightly to get everything flat and straight.

3. From there you’ll want to line up your stencil. Line it up with one thread on each side. That way you’ll get a nice even design all the way across. Especially if you’re working with a big piece of fabric.DSC_0858

I did think that is was forgiving. I didn’t get mine perfectly, but then I couldn’t find my little errors once I started sewing my pillow.

I couldn’t find any pillows that I liked the other day, so I decided to sew my own, and it was really fun and easy. I got the whole project done during one nap!


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