How to Make Your Own Projector Screen

This last summer my mom gave us her projector. We had only been in our house a few months, and the basement was a all of our mis-matched furniture, and a lot of exercise equipment. My husband assured me that it could make an awesome theatre room. And he did it. It really is now! We watch movies down there every chance we get.

We started with actual theatre screen fabric. We found a website that sells it for a really good price. And had that mailed here. When you’re ready to order the link is here. P1030598  Then grab a piece of ply wood.P1030600

Lay the board on the back of the fabric, then trim to size. P1030601You can trim it about 3-4 inched bigger than the ply wood. P1030602 P1030608 P1030609P1030599


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