How To Weather Wood & Build A Coat Rack

How to weather wood. Plus full coat rack tutorial.With winter coming early, we’ve brought out every jacket, vest, and coat. Then with the backpacks, we have a hook shortage, which has become a problem, because we’ve been getting piles of coats on the ground right under the coat rack.

I wanted a big rustic coat rack, with more hooks and space than we would ever need. We started with a big 6 foot piece of wood that is about a foot wide, and an inch thick. To make it look rustic,  I put a walnut stain on the wood, and let it dry.

coat rack

From there I sprayed a satin white paint on it.

coat rack 1

It’s important to let it dry, then take a palm sander, and just sand down a little so you can get the colors to show through.

coat rack 2

We just added the hooks, then found studs, and used a counter sink to put it on the wall.

This is what we were suffering with before.

coat rack 3

I think this will help our laundry room stay a little bit more tidy. Now if I can do something about them dropping their coats, backpacks, and shoes on the floor right as they walk in the door!

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