Non-sour dough starter

I just received my first non-sour dough starter.  I am very excited about it.  I have a son who has a lot of allergies.  Wheat is one that gives him a stomachache, and he can’t eat much of.  I love making bread, and wish he could just eat sandwiches and toast.

Instant yeast was introduced in the 80’s and is made in a lab.Shortly after people started eating synthetic yeast is also when people started having problems tolerating yeast, and gluten.

This natural yeast has been proven to significantly help with allergies, and I’m so excited to see how that helps our family. My husband and son struggle so badly with allergies.  I think my little girl does too, so I really hope this helps!

I keep this starter in the fridge.  If I were to keep it out in room temperature it would start to ferment and turn into a sour dough start.  The cold air slows down the fermentation process.

It needs to be fed about every three days.  So I either need to make bread with it, or get rid of half of it.  So if I have about 2 cups of my start, then I’d add 1 cup of water to a heaping cup of flour. I use white flour in my start.  It’s easier to keep it strong with white flour than with wheat.

There are so many health benefits to using natural yeast (a starter).

Natural yeast breaks down the harmful enzymes in wheat, and the yeast makes the nutrients in bread easier for our bodies to digest.

There are many other benefits of natural yeast.  Most of what I’ve learned has come from a book that is called, “The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast” by Melissa Richardson.

I’m really excited to see the benefits in our health from using this natural yeast.


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