Simple Step By Step Tutorial To Make Old Cabinets New Again

Step by step tutorial to make your old cabinets look new again.Transforming your kitchen can be much cheaper and easier than you think. Here you can add bead board to the front of you cabinet doors, and give your kitchen a whole new look. Here’s how.

1. Think about what you want to achieve in your kitchen. Do you want a bright space, or more of a cozy, elegant look.

2. Take all the doors off the cabinets, and remove the soffits from the top kitchen cabinets, removing the soffits and the hinges make a big difference in updating your kitchen.

3. Take a palm sander and sand the front and back of the doors. This is a good time to sand the inside of the cabinets, and clean them, you can use mineral spirits, theis is really moisturizing for the wood.

4. The next part in this process is to install the crown molding along the top of upper cabinets.

5. Here is the fun part. Measure and apply bead board to the sides of the kitchen cabinets, or to the panel inside of the cabinet doors. You can just use painters caulk, or liquid nails. This looks so current and add such an updated look.

6.  Here you can spray the cabinets and doors Benjamin Moore simply white, using their impervo paint. It is a white, but not a boring bright white, it’s very pretty when it all comes together. Give the cabinets a primer coat, and a finish coat. The impervo paint is self-leveling so any minor imperfections disappear!

7. Now pick out some cool looking hardware. Cabinets make such a big difference to the look of your house and kitchen. You’ll be so glad you did this, once it’s all done.

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