One Simple Trick to Saving a LOT on Groceries – Whole Wheat Bread

I have been making bread for my family since my oldest was just a baby. It was fun, and everyone loved it. Since then we’ve had more children, and food prices have dramatically increased. Making bread has cut our food budget dramatically.

On a typical morning my family can eat an entire box of cereal. (that’s just the other 5, this doesn’t include my food) That’s about $4. But on those days I find myself making a second breakfast for everyone. My husband will even show up mid-morning from work, saying he’s hungry. Today was one of those mornings. I just got the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast, and I have a bunch of hungry mouths to feed.This is when I give them a piece of bread with butter and honey. My twins usually ask for jam and honey! (I let them pick one sweet thing to put on their bread)

It has saved us a lot of money and calories when we would’ve eaten fast food. When we’re all getting in the car to go somewhere I’ll hurry and just make a bunch of sandwiches, and hand them to the kids. Now, I know that anyone can make sandwiches, and hand them to their children, because you can just buy bread at the store. But, it is so hard to find bread that is good for you. If you look at all the loaves that say wheat bread, almost every kind has “enriched wheat flour” as the first ingredient. That is just white flour. If it has to be enriched, that means they had to refine it. About 65%-79% of the nutrients have been removed, then about 5% are added back. And because they aren’t in their natural form, we don’t even know if our body absorbs them.

I found some statistics and information about refining grains here.

The calorie content of refined white flour actually increases about 10% because of everything else that has been taken out.
An average of 66% of the B vitamins have been removed.
An average of 70% of all minerals have been removed.
79% of the fiber has been removed.
An average of 19% of the protein has been removed.

Eating whole wheat bread keeps you fuller longer too. In turn, you aren’t eating as many calories, you aren’t making as many meals/snacks, and you are saving a lot of money. On the bread itself, and because you aren’t spending money on other food.

My children are picky eaters, and when I buy a loaf of bread my children often complain. I’m sure if you make an effort with baking your own wheat bread you will see your waistline shrink, and your food bill shrink also.

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