Whole Wheat Bread (from a starter)

I’ve been making bread since I was in 5th grade, I’m now 33.  So for the last 23 years I’ve been trying to achieve the perfect loaf of wheat bread. I’ve always used regular yeast up until about 3 months ago. Then I switched to instant.  It’s definitely easier.  But the health benefits of regular yeast, and making it from a starter are so worth it!

The benefits of a starter are:

  1. The starter breaks down the wheat, the instant yeast is too quick to break it down.
  2. It lowers the glycemic index of the bread.
  3. Eating one serving of natural yeast a day lowers the glycemic index of the other things you eat.

My ingredients for this bread are;

Wheat flour, water, natural yeast (starter), oil, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt, and gluten.

I start with warm water, add 1/2 cup of the starter, then add all of the other ingredients, except for the flour and salt.

Then, pour everything into my mixer.

From there I add the flour, and knead it for about 8 minutes. That’s when I add the salt. Salt really hinders the yeast, so I wait until the very end to add it. It makes a huge difference in how fluffy your bread will be.

When the bread is done kneading you put it in a bowl, and let it rise all night.  From there you divide it into thirds and put it into loaves.  It took a while to raise, when the loaves were that tall then I put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

This batch turned out perfectly.  I am so excited to be working with these starters.  I am excited to learn all I can about them.

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